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Executive Coaching and Actionable Advice

Trying to Build, Sustain, and Grow a Small Nonprofit is Overwhelming
If you don't have certain building blocks in place...

Funding dips, stalls, or remains the same year after year

You're not entirely sure that you're making the greatest impact 

There isn't enough or the right type of productivity from your staff of board

You feel like you're going it alone and guessing about what to do next

And that leads to being constantly overwhelmed, feeling miserable doing the work you love, or wondering whether you should stay with your nonprofit. Perhaps you even fantasize about what it would be like to get out of a leadership role or the social sector altogether.


We don’t want that for you.


We can help you determine the best course of action and give you affordable tools to create impact, grow revenue, and boost productivity.  

Want to Build a Thriving Social Enterprise?

Start with these 3 Building Blocks







A Winning Impact Strategy
Theory of Change

There are three essential elements of strategy that you have to put in place if you want to grow a successful organization:

Theory of Change

Multi-year Strategic Roadmap

A Momentum Plan (covering 6-24 months)

The Theory of Change is most critical. It describes how your intervention works, why it will work, who it benefits, and what is required for success. In short, it describes how you get from your mission to your vision.


Without it, your marketing message about why you matter and your plans are unclear to everyone: those you serve, donors, and even your Staff and Board. This is where you start.




Or book a Free a Consult to discuss the right option



Best-Fit Revenue Streams
Earned-Income Strategy

Small nonprofits prioritize funding, donations, and gifts from typical sources: government, foundations, individuals, etc. There's a problem with that: there is a limited pool of funding available that isn't getting bigger and it's very competitive.


To become a sustainable social enterprise, you must think bigger and more strategically. How? Think in terms of revenue.

#1 – Find the best-fit revenue sources. Diversifying for the sake of it costs you time and energy. Most organizations over
$2 million focus on just a few sources they can rely on. 

#2 – Develop a simple earned-income strategy. This could be your missing piece to sustainability and growth. In fact, 50% of the revenue in the nonprofit sector comes from earned income.


Let's create the right revenue generation machine for you. 


Or book a Free a Consult to discuss the right option


High-Performing Board
Board of Director Alignment and Execution

Is your organization relying on you to do everything? Or are you or your team taking on too many things at once? Is your board disengaged? Do you feel like everyone isn't on the same page?Wondering if you have the right folks on your staff or board?

You can have a winning strategy and a revenue coming in, but if there is dysfunction, disengagement, or a lack of alignment, you'll stay frustrated and overwhelmed. And you can't scale.

We have a few options for helping you to create a high-performing team based on the common scenarios we see.


When we're done, you won't have to worry about chaos anymore. Instead, you can get organized, spread the work, and focus on what you do best to grow your social enterprise. 

Or book a Free a Consult to discuss the right option



Your Plan for Growing your Social Enterprise


Schedule a Free Strategy Consult


We'll Create Your
Custom Action Plan

We'll chat about your current roadblocks and where you need to focus in order to overcome them and grow. If you have multiple challenges, we'll help you prioritize them.

We'll give you a plan that's feasible and custom-made for you to increase impact, productivity, or revenue NOW, saving you and your team hours of trying to figure out the next thing to do.


Grow Your
Social Enterprise

By implementing advice and tools proven to work for growing any small nonprofit, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of overwhelm subsides as you grow.

Most Small-Nonprofit Leaders Don’t Have
the Support They Truly Need

As a nonprofit leader, you have to be everything to everyone. You’re supposed to be the strong leader, the most charismatic spokesperson, AND the fundraising machine.


Oh and you're supposed to ensure that your programs are impactful. Should you expand your programs? Should you launch a new one? And have you prepared every report for the next board meeting? It’s exhausting to think about.

We exist to eliminate Executive Director overwhelm by giving you simple and affordable services you help you optimize your organization for impact, revenue, and productivity. We want to be the trusted partner you can count on when it comes to growing your social enterprise. That’s why our services are easy to implement, proven to work, and only focus on the parts of your nonprofit that you need to focus on.

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