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Gain real clarity and alignment.
Set ambitious, achievable targets.
Create more impact than ever before.


Being fully committed to achieving social change requires strategy.

Most organizations know that strategy is important, but are skeptical about the value of strategic planning. We don't blame you.

For some, "strategy" is a vague concept. More practically, when discussing what "strategic planning" could entail, some feel like it will remove them from the day-to-day work of creating impact for an unreasonable amount of time. Some are anxious about it being "perfect", having tough internal conversations, or the plan going unused.

All of these concerns are valid, but they don't have to be true. 

Mission-driven organizations have difficult job to do. The most successful understand that creating the biggest impact depends on whether they can be strategic enough — deliberate, resourceful, and future-focused — to best advance their missions no matter the challenges or conditions.

Group project assembly


Forge a vision and mission that energizes (or reignites) your team

Develop a holistic view of the creative opportunities and vulnerabilities that face your organization

Get clearly focused and aligned on the most important actions your team must take to drive progress and create sustainability

Establish measurements of success that matter the most and lead to greater impact, marketing effectiveness, and funding

Create a comprehensive, yet concise, plan that everyone — from board to staff — can understand, use, contribute to daily

Instill practices that build a high-performing organization

Transform your organization from pretty good to excellent.

Drawing on a Board


Clarity and direction on every critical facet of your organization

This isn't abstract theory.  It's a practical, step-by-step process that will get everyone on the same page about your strategies and implementation plans to move your team forward.

When complete, we would be happy to support your strategic plan through added training, strategy reviews, and coaching.

Strategy Process

We offer three Strategic Planning options


Strategy Lite
(In-Person Workshops)

We work together to determine the best two full-days that work best for your organization. Then, we come to wherever you are to facilitate a streamlined version of the strategic plan.

Best suited for:

Organizations that want to create clarity and a plan quickly, without all of the bells and whistles that could take extra time.

Time Commitment:

2-3 Weeks to complete assessments (Optional)

2 Full-day Workshops 


Full Consultation

We work with you to develop a schedule and lead a process — that combines learning material, guides, virtual collaboration sessions, and in-between coaching — from start to finish.

Best suited for:

Organizations that like the idea of having an objective facilitator, a different perspective, and would rather participate in than lead the process.

Estimated* Time Commitment:

A minimum of 3 months (12 weeks)

*Timing will depend on the schedule we create.


(DIY Course)

By selecting the Do-It-Yourself plan, we will provide you with all of the how-to guides, videos, and templates you need to facilitate the entire planning process on your time.

Time Commitment:

While this is ultimately up to you, we provide you with a 90-Day schedule based on the length and nature of the modules and client feedback. 


Best suited for:

Organizations that simply need a guide to follow, are confident facilitating the process with their team, and/or have a limited budget.

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Drawing on a Board



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